3-034 v r q t
My hair is pink
Club S.T.E.M
Character # 3-034
Series 3
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pink(hair)


Quote "What's the wifi password?"
Reveal Surprise Crying & ?

V.R.Q.T is a popular from the S.T.E.M Club She has a Lil sister and V.R.H.O.P is her pet

Appearance Edit

V.R.Q.T has Hot pink hair that fades onto light pink hair with silver strands in it, her hair style is the same as Sprints and Dusk's hair, she has a black long-sleeved shirt with a blue vest on top of it. Her shorts are pink with a neon yellow jumper around her waist, she has blue sneakers

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first LOL doll to have a ombre effect on her hair.
  • Along with Sprints & Dusk