3-012 unicorn
Club Theater
Character # 3-012
Series 3
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Rainbow(hair)


Quote "I believe in myself.
Reveal Surprise Spits and color changes

Uni-Na: Pegauzine: Unicorn Tuque is a doll from Series 3 Wave 2. She belongs to the Theater Club. She has a lil sister, a brother and a pet.


Unicorn has white hair with pink, turquoise and lavender details. She wears a white unicorn headband with flowers that are the same colors as her hair. Her headband has a golden horn. She wears a white shirt with pink and turquoise details and a pink zipper. She also wears a ruffled skirt with turquoise, lavender and pink colors. She's using white tights and turquoise boots with golden bows.

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