There’s a party inside the L.O.L. Surprise! Factory today with Tahani and Mykal-Michelle as your hosts! They can’t wait to celebrate the new L.O.L. Surprise Series 3 Tots dolls, Confetti Pop! Each L.O.L Surprise! Confetti Pop unboxing ball has 9 different surprises! That’s right- 9 SURPRISES, ending with a confetti grand finale! As you unwrap each layer a new surprise is unveiled, hinting at which L.O.L. Surprise! Tots doll you’re going to POP! Can’t wait to find out??? You can tell which L.O.L. Surprise! Tot doll you’re getting from the color of the confetti! Just POP the confetti ball by pulling the ribbon. Pink and light pink confetti means it’s a popular character. 💖 Pink and yellow means it’s a fancy character. 💎 Gold and black means it’s a RARE or ULTRA RARE character! 😍 Don’t stop! That’s not all… L.O.L. Surprise! Confetti Pop Tots dolls come with a new mystery water surprise! Use hot or cold water to discover your doll’s water surprise… And guess what? They might even have TWO water surprises! 💦

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