2-028 troublemaker
Club StoryBook
Character # 28 (S2)

10 (Bling)

Series 2/Bling
Rarity Popular (S2)

Fabulous (Bling)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Turquoise (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Peek A Boo" (S2)
Reveal Surprise Color Change (S2)

Spit, Cry (Bling)

Troublemaker is a Popular LOL Doll from series 2 wave 2, part of the Storybook club. She has a Lil Sister, and her pet is Trouble Squeaker.

She was re-released in the LOL Surprise Bling Series.



Troublemaker has light brown skin and brown eyes. Her lipstick is pink and she has very pale pink blushed cheeks with a black cat nose, whiskers, and eyebrows. Her long, pastel turquoise hair is worn up in a high ponytail and she has slightly curled inward bangs. She wears a teal cat ear headband. Her outfit consists of a turquoise stripe tube top beneath a black denim vest, ripped black denim shorts with a turquoise sweater tied around the waist, and striped, crimped socks with black and white sneakers.


Her hair, eyes, and headband are coated in glitter.  In this form she wears a light turquoise striped sweater with glittering teal sleeves. On the side of the chest is a black broken heart drawing, and sewn to the back is a large turquoise ribbon. This is paired with black glittering frilly short-shorts, and a pair of light turquoise striped thigh boots with black shoelaces.


  • She is the third cat-themed tot, following Baby Cat and Kitty Queen.
    • She is the second cat tot to have a cat nose and whiskers.
  • She is based on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.