Thrilla is a fancy big sister from the Spooky Club.

Thrilla is a very spooky, shy girl who doesn’t like a lot of people. She hates loud noises and likes scaring people. When people scream after she scares them, she screams too. Thrilla doesn’t talk a lot, she speaks with words, and when she’s too shy come out of where she’s hiding, she likes to moan softly. But Thrilla loves making new friends.


Thrilla has dark brown skin, brown eyes, and frizzy brown hair in an afro with braids leading to it. She wears pink lipstic, and has red-rimmed sunglasses that are tinted black with a silver chain on the top. She wears a cropped black shirt with a silver zipper that dips slightly in the middle, a red leather jacket with black details, a red skirt, white socks, and black shoes.


  • She may be based on Michael Jackson’s Thrilla.
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