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Sugar Pup
P-007 sugar pup.png
Club Opposites
Character # 7
Series 3
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pink and Blue(hair)

Teal and Blue (eyes)

Quote "Im hot!"
Reveal Surprise Tinkles and spits

Sugar Pup is a fancy L.O.L. Pet from the Series 3 Wave 2.Her opposite is Spicy Kitty. The reason they are Opposites is because they are meant to be Angels and Devils.


Her owners are Sugar, Lil Sugar sweet Guy and Sweets


She is a white dog (resembles a shorthair chihuahua) that has pastel blue and pastel pink hair tied in two buns, just like her owners' hair. Both of her eyes are different colors: one of them is teal while the other is blue, just like Spicy Kitty. She has a pink nose. She wears gold color collar, pastel pink devil horns headband.

She is a fancy pet.