Sugar Pup
P-007 sugar pup
Club Opposites
Character # 7
Series 3
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pink and Blue(hair)

Teal and Blue (eyes)

Quote "Im hot!"
Reveal Surprise Tinkles and spits

Sugar Pup is a fancy L.O.L. Pet from the Series 3 Wave 2.Her opposite is Spicy Kitty. The reason they are Opposites is because they are meant to be Angels and Devils.


Her owners are Sugar and Lil Sugar


She is a white dog that has pastel blue and pastel pink hair tied in two buns, just like her owners' hair. Both of her eyes are different colors: one of them is teal while the other is blue, just like Spicy Kitty. She has a pink nose. She wears gold color collar, pastel pink devil horns headband. She is a very devilish pup.


She is a fancy pet.

She is Splash Meow-Maid's pet.

She lives in a volcano with Splash Meow Maid.

Helps Splash Meow maid steal Thanksgiving.

Hates Thanksgiving Day.
P-002 splash meow maid-0
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