2-006 sugar
Club Opposites
Character # 6 (S2)

3 (GG)

Series 2/Glam Glitter
Rarity Fancy (S2)

Fabulous (GG)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Blue and Pink (Hair)

Blue (eyes)

Quote "Sweet as Candy!" (S2)

"Sweet as can be." (GG)

Reveal Surprise Peeing

GG Color Change

Sugar is a Fancy LOL doll from the Opposites Club in series 2, her opposite being Spice. She has a lil sister and Sugar Pup is her pet.

She was later released for the Glam Glitter series.



Sugar has brown skin and teal blue eyes. Her freckles are light and she wears pink lipstick and blush. She has pastel split-colored hair, the left side pink, the right blue, worn in buns held by a gold accessory that has a bow on it. She wears a thin gold headband with a halo. Her outfit is composed of a white dress with frilly skirt layers and a gold belt around the middle. This is paired with gold ballerina slippers.

Glam Glitter

Her eyes are darker and covered in glitter, while her hair gains a metallic shine. Her gold accessories are glittery, and her halo and headband are white. She wears slightly lighter makeup. Her dress is glittery white with a pleat skirt lined by gold glittering ruffles and bows on the skirt, paired with white fishnet stockings, and white peek-toe heels with a glittery gold pom-pom.


  • Both of her quotes are similar to each other.
  • She, along with Spice are the only LOL of series 2 to have a unique secret message.
  • Despite her sweet appearance, she is actually the sassy one whereas Spice is more calm.


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