Spicy Kitty
P-008 spicy kitty
Club Opposites
Character # 8
Series 3
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Magenta(hair)

Teal, Blue (eyes)

Quote "That's Hot"
Reveal Surprise Cry and pees

Spicy Kitty is a popular L.O.L. Pet from Series 3 and you can only get her from Wave 2. She is in the Opposites club with: Fresh Feline,Fancy Haute Dog and her own opposite-Sugar Pup.


Her owners are Spice and Lil Spice.


She is a black kitty with red glasses just like Spice, her owner. She has a black nose and two differently colored eyes: one is teal while the other is blue, just like Sugar Pup. She has pink wings. She has the same hairstyle as her owner Spice but magenta.


Sugar and her family are actually the naughty ones while Spice and her family are actually the nice ones.


It's alternate universe.

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