Rip Tide
3-025 rip tide.png
Club Swim
Character # 2-025
Series 3
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Brown(hair)

Green (eyes)

Quote "Eat. Sleep. Beach."

Rip Tide is a popular baby from the new Swim club in Series 3.


Riptide has brown hair and black hair that goes in a poofy circle in the air, she has green and pink heart-shaped sunglasses she has a pink top that has a white zip-like thing on the front. this is the same with her bottoms, she has pink shoes that are like Surfer Babe's and Spike's shoes.


  • Rip Tide might be a surfer.
  • She is in a new club, Swim Club.
  • She is one of the LOL dolls with a unique hairstyle.
  • She spits and squirts water out of her ears.
  • She has two pets: a hamster and a cat.
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