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Rainbow Raver
M-086 rainbow raver.png
Club Elektro
Character # M-086
Series Makeover
Rarity Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Rainbow (Hair)/Brown (Eyes)
Quote " But Have U Heard The Remix?"
Reveal Surprise Color Change

Rainbow Raver is a rare big sister from the Elektro Club. She has a lil sister.


Rainbow Raver has brown skin, brown eyes, teal eyebrows, coral eyeshadow, pink lipstick, cherry blush, and teal hair in ponytails with rainbow braids. She wears sparkly translucent purple wings, a translucent sparkly yellow top with a zipper, a translucent sparkly pink skirt, a rainbow belt bag, an orange pacifier, and pink slip-ons with blue cottonballs and white soles. She also wears rainbow knee socks and rainbow underwear underneath.

Color Change

Rainbow Raver is a cold color changer. She gets a black jumpsuit under her undergarments and socks.


  • She is the second LOL doll to be in the Elektro Club, first being E.D.M.B.B.
  • She is considered fancy in the LOL website, but she is actually rare, same goes with Splits.
  • She is the only tot to wear a binky in the LOL Website, but her binky is removable in doll form.
  • She is the third LOL doll to wings, first being Angel and Lace.
  • She has the same pose as Boy Next Door.
  • She has the same outfit as Go-Go Gurl, but in different colors and is translucent.
  • In June 2020, Instagrammer Amina Mucciolo, known as Tasselfairy, alleged a doll in the L.O.L Surprise line called "Rainbow Raver" had plagiarized her likeness from photos posted on social media.

    Amina Mucciolo ugly similarity to Rainbow Raver

Secret Message

Her secret message is Top Knot.

Bottle and Comb

Her bottle is translucent and sparkly and it is chartreuse.

Her comb is blue.