2-009 pranksta
Club Theater
Character # 9 (2)

3 (Bling)

Series 2/Bling
Rarity Popular (2)

Fabulous (Bling)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pastel Pink, Blue, and Purple (Hair)

Azure (Eye)

Quote "Lol JK" (2)

??? (Bling)

Reveal Surprise Color Change (2)

Spit, Cry (Bling)

Pranksta is a Popular tot from the Theater club in series 2. She has a Lil Sister, her pet is Pupsta. She was re-released in the Bling Series.



Pranksta has Caucasian skin with pink lipstick and blushed cheeks. Her eyes are turquoise, and she has frizzy hair that sticks up, divided into three colors. The right is pink, the left light blue, and her bangs are light purple. She wears a large white bow on her head.

Her outfit consists of a pink and black split ballerina dress with a light blue dot at the middle and waistband. Her skirt is in three frilly layers, the top has black stripes, followed by a light blue, and a layer of pink. She wears thigh-length boots, one being pink, the other light blue. 


Her eyes, hair, and hair bow are glittery. While her bow gains large black dots, she gains black tattoos beneath her eyes and pink hearts on each cheek. Her lipstick is lightened and her blush is a faint red.

She now wears a glittery light blue top with a pink and black split vest. Her skirt is color swapped and coated in glitter with a black frill lining and bows of light blue. These are paired with pink tights, one striped with white, the other black, paired with glittering pink or light blue sneakers with yellow strings. On each wrist is a spiked bracelet, one white, the other pink.


  • She first appears in Sugar Love.
  • Her Bling outfit is a recolor of Bon Bon's original outfit.
    • Like Bon Bon, she has a heavy blue, pink, and lavender theme.
    • They both have multicolored hair and attire.