Neonlicious is an OMG Fashion doll. Her younger siblings are Neon Q.T., Neon Guy, and Lil Neon Q.T.


Neonlicious is the OMG Doll with tan skin, teal eyes, yellow eye shadow, blue nail polish, pink lipstick and blush, star-shaped freckles, pink squiggly eyebrows, and orange (right) and pink hair (left) styled in a crimped-out bob cut with two longer locks at the front.

She wears a neon yellow turtleneck top, matching cycling shorts, a grey beret with leopard prints, a black and white checkered jacket with zipper, a pink pinafore, white squiggly square earrings, a pink bracelet, white sneakers with yellow soles, and shades with neon green lenses that don't cover the lens frames. Her purse resembles a "What's in my Purse" doll, which is an MGA property.


  • Neonlicious is the only Series 1 OMG Fashion Doll whose younger sister is a Series 2 Tot. The rest of the Series 1 OMG Fashion Dolls have sisters who are Series 1 Tots.
  • Dazzle Has a similar color scheme to her
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