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OMG-003 Neonlicious.png
Club Cosplay
Character # OMG-003
Series 1
Hair Hot pink & orange
Eyes Aqua blue
Quote Bright Colors, City Lights, Selfie or it didn't happen. Always extra, never 2 much, meow (=^•ω•^=)

Neonlicious is an O.M.G. fashion doll. Her younger siblings are Neon Q.T., Neon Guy, and Lil Neon Q.T. The family also includes pets: Neon Puppy, Neon Kitty, Neon Bunny, and Neon Hammy.


Neonlicious has a medium skin tone, and split-dyed bright orange and neon pink hair styled in a crimped-out bob cut with two longer locks at the front. Details on her face include aqua blue eyes and pink lipstick. She has star-shaped freckles and pink squiggly eyebrows. She has bright yellow eye shadow on her eyelids and light pink eyeshadow underneath her eyes, and also wears blue nail polish.


She wears a neon yellow turtleneck top and matching cycling shorts, with a translucent plastic hot pink pinafore dress worn over the top. She also wears a black and white checkered jacket with zipper, and a grey studded leopard print beret. Her shoes are white sneakers with yellow soles.


She wears white squiggly square earrings, a pink bracelet, and large hot pink shades with square neon green lenses that don't fully cover the lens frames. Her purse resembles a "What's In My Purse" doll, which is another MGA property.


  • Neonlicious is the only Series 1 OMG Fashion Doll whose younger sister is a Series 2 Tot. The rest of the Series 1 OMG dolls have sisters who are Series 1 Tots.
  • Dazzle hares a similar color scheme.
  • She has a similar hairstyle to Fame Queen.
  • Her purse is a reference to What's In My Purse dolls, another MGA Entertainment toy line.
  • The magazine included in her box mentions that she is a Gemini.
  • She is voiced by Sonya Krueger in the animated media.


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