1-015 merbaby
Club Theater
Character # 015
Series 1
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Lavender (Hair)

Periwinkle (Eye)

Quote "I'd rather be swimming"
Reveal Surprise Colorchange

Merbaby is a Theater club LOL from series 1, found in the 2nd wave. She has a lil sister.


Merbaby has tan skin and periwinkle eyes with spread lashes. Her lipstick and blush is pink. She has lavender hair worn in four low braids, with several tiny curls framing her face. On her head are two pearl chains, one made from tiny pearls. Her dress is composed of a pink seashell top with pearl strands on each shoulder and the turquoise skirt resembles a mermaid tail.


  • Merbaby stars in "Tropics I Shrunk the Girls" played by Diana Johnson.
  • She is the first mermaid LOL, followed by Splash Queen.