2-005 luxe
Club 24k Gold
Character # 5
Series 2
Rarity Ultra-Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Gold, Teal (Hair)

Dark Teal (Eye)

Quote "I've got a heart of gold"

"Golden glitter" -Glitter

Luxe is an Ultra-Rare baby from the series 2. She is unique in that she is the LOL in the 24K Gold club.


Luxe has pale brown skin and big, dark teal eyes with a star mark in each. Her cheeks are pale pink and she wears gold lipstick to match the glittering eye makeup she wears. Her shiny golden hair is worn curled on top of her head and streaked with teal.

She wears a dress composed of a teal top and gold collar. The ruffled tutu skirt is in two layers with matching colors and worn with a black and gold belt. She also wears gold cowboy boots.

This LOL girl might be even MORE Luxe than you! Just watch out for my prying eyes! I have a better view than you think!


  • Her toy comes with a pair of heart sunglasses not present in the artwork.
  • She is the only LOL to have a category dedicated to herself.
    • In this, she is also one of the only LOL's to be the only in this category, the other being Queen Bee


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