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Many LOL Surprise characters have siblings and pets released in other lines, creating large families. Here you can find a list of dolls organized into their known family group.

NOTE: This article is listing families with more than three members.

Table of LOL Surprise Families
Girl Tot Boy Tot OMG Lil Sis Lil Bro BTW Pet(s) Total
M.C. Swag Swaggie Swag Lil M.C. Swag Lil Swaggie M.C.D.O.G.G.
M.C. Meow
M.C. Hippity Hop
M.C. Hammy
Bon Bon Kawaii Guy Candylicious Lil Bon Bon Pup Pup
Bon Bon Meow
Hop Hop
Bon Bon Ham
D.J. Mix Boi 24K D.J. Lil D.J. D.J.K9
D.J. Bounce
D.J. Hammy
Neon Q.T. Neon Guy Neonlicious Lil Neon Q.T. Neon Puppy
Neon Kitty
Neon Bunny
Neon Hammy
Spice Spicy Kid Spicy Babe Lil Spice Spicy Puppy
Spicy Kitty
Spicy Bunny
Spicy Ham
Downtown Doll City Boi City Slicker Downtown B.B. Lil Downtown Doll Wooftown
Downtown Hop
Preppy Uptown Girl Lil Prim Yuppy Puppy
Uptown Meow
Bhaddie Bhaddie Bro Bhad Gurl Lil Bhaddie Bhaddie Monkey
Coo Bird
Coconut Q.T. Luau Lil Coconut Q.T. Coco Pup
Coco Bun Bun
Coco Hammy
Curious Q.T. Lil Curious Q.T. Cottontail Q.T.
Bow Wow Q.T.
Curious Hammy
Meow Q.T.
Dollface Dollie Lil Dollface Dollmatian
Baby Next Door Boy Next Door Lil Baby Next Door Lil Boy Next Door Gracie Skates Puppy Next Door 6
Oops Baby Bye Bye Boi Fly Gurl Lil Oops Baby Oops Ham
Oh Bandit, Bandit
Drag Racer Racer Bro Speedster Lil Drag Racer Lil Racer Boi Kitty 500 6
Witchay Babay Wizard Kid Spirit Queen Lil Witchay Babay Lil Witchay Kittay
Witchay Kittay
Queen Bee King Bee Royal Bee
Prince Bee
Lil Queen Bee Pup Bee 6
80s B.B. Pop B.B. Lil 80s B.B. 80s Bunny
80's Hog
Babe In The Woods Camp Cutie Lil Babe In The Woods Pup in the Woods
Bunny in the Woods
Baby Cat Cool Cat Missy Meow Lil Baby Cat Baby Dog 5
Can Do Baby Gear Guy Busy B.B. Lil Can Do Baby Can Do Kitty 5
Cherry Slick Lil Cherry Cherry B.B. Cherry Ham 5
Dawn Sunny Sunshine Gurl Lil Dawn Dawn Doggie 5
Dusk Nightfall Moonlight B.B. Lil Dusk Dusk Raven 5
Goo-Goo Queen Fame Queen Lil Baby Goo-Goo
Lil Goo-Goo Queen
Goo-Goo Mew-Mew 5
Honey Bun Honey Boi Honeylicious Lil Honey Bun Bunny Hun 5
Hoops MVP Dribbles Lil Hoops MVP Hoops Cutie Hoops D.O.G.G. 5
Independent Queen Independent Dude Miss Independent Lil Independent Queen Independent Meow 5
Line Dancer Do-Si-Dude Lonestar Lil Line Dancer Line Dancer 5
Midnight Midnight Boy Shadow Lil Midnight Midnight Pup 5
P.H.D.B.B. Lil P.H.D.B.B. Subject O
Subject M
Subject G
Royal High-Ney His Royal High-Ney Miss Royale Lil Royal High-Ney Royal Kitty-Cat 5
Sis Cheer Bro Cheer Lil Sis Cheer Pup Cheer
Ra-Ra Skunk
Sugar Sweet Guy Sweets Lil Sugar Sugar Pup 5
Teacher's Pet Smarty Pants Class Prez Lil Teacher's Pet Teacher's Owl 5
The Queen Jukebox B.B. The Lil Queen The Pony
The Kitten
V.R.Q.T. V.R. Dude Virtuelle Lil V.R.Q.T. V.R.H.O.P. 5
Punk Boi Punk Grrrl Lil Punk Grrrl Lil Punk Boi Punk H.O.G. 5
Foxy Far Out Sunset Lil Foxy Foxy Flyer 5
Fierce $teezy Ferocious Lil Fierce Fierce Meow 5
Sk8er Grrrl Skatepark Q.T. Lil Sk8er Grrrl Lil Sk8er Boi Sk8er Kit-10 5
Rip Tide Coral Waves Lil Rip Tide Hammy Tide
Rawr Tide
Go-Go Gurl Mod Boi Lil Go-Go Gurl Goldie Twist Go-Go Birdie 5
Fanime Fan Boy Lil Fanime Aya Cherry Fuzzy Fan 5
Pranksta Baby Pranksta
Lil Pranksta
Lexi Gurl Pupsta 5
Jet Set Q.T. Jet Setter City Babe Lil Jet Set Q.T. Jet Set Hop Hop 5
Merbaby Merboi Lil Merbaby Lil Merboy Merkitty 5
Super B.B. Super Dude Ms. Direct Lil Super B.B. Su-Purr Kitty 5
Black Tie Double Agent Ms. Direct Lil Black Tie Black Stripe 5
Tinz Tinz Bro Gamma Babe Lil Tinz Wizard of Owl 5
Kicks Cleats Kicks Babe Lil Kicks Rolls 5
Her Majesty Her Lil Majesty Nia Regal Neigh Majesty
Grr Majesty
Vacay Babay Coastal Q.T. Lil Vacay Babay Vacay Neigh Neigh 4
Stardust Queen Major Lady Lil Stardust Queen Doggie Stardust 4
#InstaGold #LilInstaGold #InstaBunny
Agent Baby Lil Agent Baby Agent Purr
Agent Kitty
Beatnik Babe Groovy Babe Lil Beatnik Babe Squeak-Nik 4
Beats B-Gurl Lil Beats Purrs 4
Bebé Bonita Lil Bebé Bonito Cuervo Bonito
Bonita Burrito
Boss Queen Exec King Da Boss Lil Boss Queen Boss Pooch 4
Brrr B.B. Icy Gurl Lil Brrr B.B. Brrrd 4
Cheer Captain Captain Q.B. Lil Cheer Captain Cheer-Rara 4
Cosmic Queen Cosmic Nova Lil Cosmic Queen Cosmic Rider 4
Crystal Queen Crystal Star Lil Crystal Queen Crystal Bunny 4
Diva Lady Diva Lil Diva Diva Stripes 4
Fancy Lil Fancy Fancy Gurl Fancy Haute Dog 4
Flower Child Flower Kid Lil Flower Child Flower Doodle 4
Fresh Lil Fresh Freshest Fresh Feline 4
Glitter Queen Dazzle Lil Glitter Queen Glitter Poodle 4
Grunge Grrrl Alt Grrrl Lil Grunge Grrrl Grunge Skunnnk 4
It Baby It Boy Lil It Baby It Kitty 4
Kitty Queen Kitty K Lil Kitty Queen Kitty Kitty 4
Luxe Calamity Luxe Lil Luxe Lucky Luxe 4
Madame Queen Big Wig Lil Madame Queen Madame Pup 4
Metal Babe Metal Chick Metal Claws
Metal K.T.
Miss Baby Mr. Baby Lil Miss Baby Miss Puppy 4
Pharaoh Babe Pharaoh Bro Lil Pharoah Babe Ancient Meow 4
Posh Lil Posh Posh Pup
Posh Pigeon
Purple Queen Purple Reign Lil Purple Queen Purple Dove 4
Rainbow Raver Lil Rainbow Raver Rainbow Wings
Ruff Raver
Rocker Rocker Boi Lil Rocker Ruff Rocker 4
Roller Sk8er Roller Chick Lil Roller Sk8er Roller Kit-10 4
Shapes Angles Lil Shapes Purrfect Shapes 4
Short Stop Slugger Lil Short Stop Short Stop Hop 4
Sleepy Bones Chillax Lil Sleepy Bones Sleepy Buns 4
Snow Angel Snowlicious Lil Snow Angel Snow Bunny 4
Snow Bunny Lil Snow Bunny Snowy Hops
Snow Dogg
Sugar Queen Lil Sugar Queen Sugar Squeak
Sugar Sneak
Surfer Babe Beach Boi Lil Surfer Babe Sur-Fur Puppy 4
Unicorn Dreamy Dude Lil Unicorn Unipony 4
Glamstronaut Gamma Babe Lil Glamstronaut Racoon-Stronaut 4
Pop Heart Starlette Lil Pop Heart Hop Heart 4
Kansas Q.T. Starlette Lil Kansas Q.T. Kansas K9 4
Countess Spirit Queen Lil Countess Vampupper 4
Pink Baby Pink Chick Lil Pink Baby Purrr Baby 4
Tough Q.T. (?) Tough Guy Tough Dude Tough Monkey
Tough Woof
4 (5?)
Soul Babe Agent Soul Lil Soul Babe Soul Bun 4
Goodie Miss Celebrate Lil Goodie Cowardly Kitty 4
Bling Queen Runway Diva Lil Bling Queen Purrfect Bling 4
Splash Queen Splash Beauty Lil Splash Queen Splash Meow-Maid 4
Suite Princess Trendsetter Lil Suite Princess Twinkle 4
Funky Q.T. Melrose Lil Funky Q.T. Funky Kat 4
Babydoll Lil Babydoll Ivy Winks Kittydoll 4
SPF Q.T. Lil SPF Q.T. Rae Sands S.P.U. 4
Cheeky Babe Lil Cheeky Babe Chloe Pepper Cheeky Hedgehog 4
Leading Baby Lil Leading Baby Marilyn Star Leading Chimp 4
Splatters Lil Splatters Emma Emo Eau De Splatters 4