Lady Diva is an OMG Fashion doll.

Her younger sister is Diva.


Lady Diva is the OMG Doll with tan skin, blue eyes, pink eye shadow, a beauty mark, pink nail polish, pink lipstick and blush, and lime green hair in a long, high ponytail with curly bangs.

She wears a black and white midriff top with indigo laces and leopard prints, a white leopard print skirt, pink snakeskin boots with silver details, a black collar that says "Slay", silver snake earrings, a pink fuzzy jacket, a silver necklace with the woman sign (♀️), a silver belt that says "Diva", and a black headset microphone with silver details. Her purse is white with a black leopard print with indigo and silver details.


  • Her appearance seems to be inspired by Lady Gaga.
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