LOL Lil Outrageous Littles Wiki

The LOL Surprise Pearl Surprise was the second Big Surprise series released.

Starting with this series, the Big Surprise series would featrurure 2 variants, which include similiar but unique color schemes and LOL dolls.


The balls resemble the original big surprise sphere and is translucent, one coming in turquoise with accents of pink and yellow inside, while the other is fuchsia and features pink and blue. Each ball has a flat back and rounded, deep front to fill with water, and a safety pin molded handle for easier carrying.


  • Carrying Case
  • 1 Big Sister
  • 1 Lil Sister
  • 6 accessories
  • 1 seashell rainbow fizz



  • Pink Bathing Suit Top, bottoms, and shoes.
  • Blue Bathing Suit Top, bottoms, and shoes.

Rainbow Fizz

  • Hidden Surprises
  • Seashell Display Case
  • 3 Blue Blind Bags
  • Bottle
  • Treasure
  • Lil Treasure