LOL Surprise Makeover

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The Hairgoals sub-series contains dolls with hair — they are 12 in 1 wave and 10 in the 2nd. There are 10 clubs in the first wave, and 5 in the second. In addition to Hairgoals, Fuzzy Pets, Lils are also present in the Makeover series.


1st Wave:

Art Club


Athletic Club

Sk8er Grrrl

Chill Out Club

Snow Bunny

Glam Club

Her Majesty

The Glitterati

Glamour Queen Shimone Queen

Opposites Club

Yang Q.T.

Pop Club

Daring Diva Oops Baby

Retro Club

Miss Jive

Spooky Club

Witchay Babay

Storybook Club


2-nd Wave:

Athletic Club

Pins Splits

Elektro Club

E.D.M.B.B. Rainbow Raver

Glam Club

Prom Princess Tough Guy

Opposites Club

Metal Babe Twang

Retro Club

M.C.N.Y.C. Valley B.B.
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