Lol surprise dolls bling ball

The LOL Surprise! Bling series is the second line of the "special finish" mini-series. This one is based on series 2 and resemble the Series 1 and 2 surprise ball series. These dolls have all the normal features of LOL dolls and there is 12 in total to collect, much like the previous series.

There is only one ultra-rare, one rare, and the rest are fabulous, thus all of the Bling dolls are in the Glitterati.

Dolls Edit

  1. Splash Queen
  2. Sugar Queen
  3. Pranksta
  4. Ice Sk8ter
  5. Dollface
  6. Honey Bun
  7. Beats
  8. Bon Bon
  9. Heartbreaker
  10. Troublemaker
  11. Posh
  12. Pink Baby
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