LOL Surprise Big Surprise

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The LOL Big Surprise is a special event item that can be purchased in stores. Each ball includes 50+ surprises, including exclusive dolls, clothing and accessories, and charms.

At release, there was a sweepstakes running for those who purchased this capsule, which would grant them access to a code that can be entered on the website to win 1-in-50 surprises, one of which is a 1-carat diamond charm. Other prizes include Glitter LOL, Series 2 LOL, a collection of the Lil Sisters, and the fizz factory play set.

Since it's release, there has been more releases of Big Surprises, including the Bigger Surprise, LOL Surprise Pearl Surprise, and Bubbly Surprise.


The big surprise takes the form of a giant, gold and glittering mystery capsule with a plastic chain handle for easy carrying. The back is flat while the front being rounded and deep, so that the owner can fill it with water to use for fizzes. Inside of it are layers of items.


  1. 10 accessories in gold and silver balls
  2. 5 Charm Fizzes
  3. 2 exclusive Big Sisters
  4. 2 exclusive Lil Sisters
  5. 1 Code


  1. Stardust Queen
  2. Lil Stardust Queen
  3. Purple Queen
  4. Lil Purple Queen
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