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L.O.L. Surprise! House of Surprises! is the american internet animated series based on the MGA Entertainment brand and doll line L.O.L. Surprise!. The first episode aired on 28 August, 2021.


Episode list

  1. Royal Bee's Big Surprise
  2. Destination Diner
  3. Lady Diva Drama
  4. The Big Diner Party
  5. The Spooky Sleepover!
  6. Roller Chick's New Job
  7. Neonlicious Has a Secret!
  8. Drama in the Diner!
  9. The Awesome Race!
  10. Miss Glam's New Year's Eve Surprise!
  11. The Next Big Trend!
  12. Sister's Day!
  13. The Queens' Gala! Part 1
  14. The Queens' Gala! Part 2
  15. Diva's Birthday Surprise!
  16. Queens Gala-to-Go for Candylicious!
  17. Queen Bee Wants Royal Bee To Stay
  18. Goldie Twist and Gracie Skates Go Green!
  19. Candylicious vs. Alt Grrrl
  20. Royal Bee’s BIG Decision!