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L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter is the third line of the "special finish" mini-series of L.O.L. Surprise!. It consists of 12 more Series 2 dolls. However, this time they feature metallic details and glitter accents or details.

Like prior lines, these dolls have the same features and surprises as the Series 1 and 2 dolls.


The Glitterati Opposites Club
Kitty Queen (GG-001) The Queen (GG-002) Sugar (GG-003) Spice (GG-004)
GG-001 kitty queen.png
GG-002 the queen.png
GG-003 sugar.png
GG-004 spice.png
Theater Club Athletic Club Glam Club Hip Hop Club
Coconut Q.T. (GG-005) Court Champ (GG-006) It Baby (GG-007) D.J. (GG-008)
GG-005 coconut qt.png
GG-006 court champ.png
GG-007 it baby.png
GG-008 dj.png
Cosplay Club Storybook Club Chill Out Club Retro Club
Neon Q.T. (GG-009) Curious Q.T. (GG-010) Brrr B.B. (GG-011) Cherry (GG-012)
GG-009 neon qt.png
GG-010 curious qt.png
GG-011 brrr bb.png
GG-012 cherry.png


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