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L.O.L. Surprise! Biggie Pets is a spin-off line of L.O.L. Surprise! Pets. The sets were released in two waves Each Biggie Pet includes 15+ surprises.

Almost all of the sets were re-released in different packaging and under different name L.O.L. Surprise! Pet Surprise.


Each Biggie Pet comes in a round capsule resembling the LOL Mystery Capsule but is half-translucent and has black straps wrapped around it that connect to a heart on the front. The capsules come in light blue, pink, hot pink, and gold.

Includes & Features

  • 2 pet babies and 1 pet baby OR food baby charm
  • Wear & share accessories: Spy glasses, and thier necklace becomes a bracelet for you!
  • 1 Wish Bone
  • 1 Funny Bone
  • 1 Fortune Teller Heart
  • 1 Baby Reveal sheet
  • 1 Biggie Pet (which doubles as a wearable backpack or piggy-bank.)
  • Carrying Case
  • Collector's poster.

Biggie Pets


M.C. Hammy

D.J. K9

Hop Hop

Neon Kitty

This set was exclusive to Target.

Spicy Kitty

Cottontail Q.T.


Glam Club

Dollmatian (BP-001) Doll-Kitten (BP-002) Doll-Hammy (BP-003)
BP-001 dollmatian.png
BP-002 doll kitten.png
BP-003 doll hammy.png

Glee Club

M.C. Hammy (BP-004) M.C. Meow (BP-005) M.C.D.O.G.G. (BP-006) M.C. Hippity Hop (BP-007)
BP-004 mc hammy.png
BP-005 mc meow.png
BP-006 mcdogg.png
BP-007 mc hippity hop.png
D.J. K9 (BP-008) D.J. Bounce (BP-009) D.J.K.T. (BP-010) D.J. Hammy (BP-011)
BP-008 dj k9.png
BP-009 dj bounce.png
BP-010 djkt.png
BP-011 dj hammy.png

Cosplay Club

Hop Hop (BP-012) Bon Bon Ham (BP-013) Pup Pup (BP-014) Bon Bon Meow (BP-015)
BP-012 hop hop.png
BP-013 bon bon ham.png
BP-014 pup pup.png
BP-015 bon bon meow.png
Neon Kitty (BP-016) Neon Bunny (BP-017) Neon Hammy (BP-018) Neon Puppy (BP-019)
BP-016 neon kitty.png
BP-017 neon bunny.png
BP-018 neon hammy.png
BP-019 neon puppy.png

Opposites Club

Spicy Kitty (BP-020) Spicy Ham (BP-021) Spicy Bunny (BP-022) Spicy Puppy (BP-023)
BP-020 spicy kitty.png
BP-021 spicy ham.png
BP-022 spicy bunny.png
BP-023 spicy puppy.png

Theater Club

Coco Pup (BP-024) Coco Bun Bun (BP-025)
BP-024 coco pup.png
BP-025 coco bun bun.png

Storybook Club

Cottontail Q.T. (BP-026) Bow Wow Q.T. (BP-027) Curious Hammy (BP-028) Meow Q.T. (BP-029)
BP-026 cottontail qt.png
BP-027 bow wow qt.png
BP-028 curious hammy.png
BP-029 meow qt.png

Food Babies

Avo Toast On Wheat (BP-033) Avo Toast On White (BP-034) Peach Jam Toast (BP-035) PB & Apple Toast (BP-036)
BP-033 avo toast on wheat.png
BP-034 avo toast on white.png
BP-035 peach jam toast.png
BP-036 pb apple toast.png
Taco (BP-037) Choco Taco (BP-038) Black Bean Taco (BP-039) Ice Cream Taco (BP-040)
BP-037 taco.png
BP-038 choco taco.png
BP-039 black bean taco.png
BP-040 ice cream taco.png
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