Kitty Queen
2-002 kitty queen
Club Glitterati(S2)
Character # 2 (S2) - 1 (GG)
Series 2 - GG
Rarity Rare (S2) - Ultra-rare (GG)
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Silver (Hair)

Brown (Eye) (GG & S2)

Quote "Purr-fection" (S2) - "I never grow up, I GLOW up!" (GG)
Reveal Surprise Cry (S2)

Spit (GG)

Kitty Queen is a Rare girl from the series 2 Glitterati club and a Ultra-Rare baby in the Glam Glitter.

Kitty Queen is the most talented sugar queen kitty. She loves dancing, baking treats, and singing songs about friendship. She also loves playing Ring around the Rosy.


(S2) Kitty Queen has tanned skin and sparkling brown eyes with pink lips and rosy cheeks. She has silver glittering hair worn in a ponytail held by a knotted section of hair.

She wears a glittering pale pink tank-top with glittering silver short-shorts and thigh-length pale pink boots. On her head is a pale pink cat ear headband.

(GG) Kitty Queen has tanned skin, sparkling brown eyes, and pink lips just like the S2 Kitty Queen. She has silver iridescent hair worn in a ponytail held by a knotted section of hair.

She wears a light pink iridescent tank-top with a iridescent light pink skirt and knee-length white iridescent boots. On her head is a iridescent glittery white cat ear headband.

Trivia Edit

  • Kitty Queen is the second cat-themed LOL, the first being Baby Cat and the third being Troublemaker.
  • Her pet, Kitty Kitty, will be released in Wave 2 of the LOL Surprise Pets.
  • She is based on Ariana Grande because, of the cat ears and her high ponytail, and sometimes Ariana is a kitty
  • She speaks in a French accent.


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