Hoops MVP
[[1-019 hoops-mvp|270px]]
Club Athletic
Character # 1-019 (S1)

G-010 (glitter)

Series 1/Glitter
Rarity Popular (S1)

Fabulous (glitter)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Dribble Dribble Score" (S1)

"I don"t sweat, I sparkle" (glitter)

Reveal Surprise Cry, tinkle S1 GG Spit and pee

Hoops MVP is a Popular baby from the series 1 Athletic club. She was later released in the Glitter Series. Hoops D.O.G.G is her pet, and she has a lil sister.

Hoops MVP is a sporty basketball player. She always tries her best to shoot baskets as her friends, Cheer Captain, and Sis Cheer cheer her on. She loves to shoot baskets. Hoops MVP loves acting like a ninja when playing basketball.



Hoops has pale brown skin and pink blush with electric pink lipstick. Her eyes are brown, and her black puffy hair is worn up in buns with straight cut bangs. Her outfit is composed of an orange onesie with Baby 00 written in pink, worn beneath an electric pink and white sports jacket. Her orange and white high tops are worn with white sports socks accent by two electric pink lines.


Her hair is coated in glitter and she wears a glittery white and electric pink sports T-shirt with orange writing and glittery orange short-shorts with electric pink detail. Her shoes are electric pink and orange, worn with white socks that have a rings of orange near the top. She wears a fluffy electric pink headband.


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