Honey Bun
2-019 honey bun
Club Hip Hop
Character # 19 (S2)

6 (Bling)

Series 2/Bling
Rarity Popular (S2)

Fabulous (Bling)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black (Hair)

Dull Green (Eye)

Quote "Top knot, top notch!" (S2)

?? (Bling)

Reveal Surprise  ??? (S2)

Pee, Spit (Bling)

Honey Bun is a Popular tot from the Hip Hop club in series 2. She has a lil sister and Bunny Bun is her pet.

She was later released for the LOL Surprise Bling series.


Honey Bun has light brown skin and olive-green eyes. Her eyebrows are brown and she has freckles. She wears pink blush and lipstick, and her black hair is worn up in a bun held by sections of hair. Her short bangs are straight cut with a tiny split off-center. She wears a loose gold tank-top and torn olive shorts, a fuchsia sweater tied around the waist, and black short boots with a gold sole. She also wears large gold hoop earrings.


Her hair and eyes are glittery and she wears black sunglasses with a gold chain across the top. Her normal earrings remain, and she wears a camo tank-top with pink lining the neck and glittering gold short-shorts. Her glittery black boots are thigh length with white and pink accent.