2-026 heartbreaker
Club Storybook
Character # 2-026 (S2)

9 (Bling)

Series 2/Bling
Rarity Popular (S2)

Fabulous (Bling)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black and White (Hair)

Indigo (Eyes)

Quote "Breaking hearts and takin' names" (S2)

??? (Bling)

Reveal Surprise  ???? (S2)

Pee, Cry (Bling)

Heartbreaker is a popular LOL Doll from series 2, part of the Storybook Club. She has a Lil Sister, and her pet is Heart Barker.

She was re-released in the LOL Surprise Bling Series.



Heartbreaker has fair skin and indigo eyes. Her lipstick is dark pink and she has faint dark pink blushed cheeks. Her hair is split-colored, the right side being black and the left white. Her hair is worn in puffy buns with several braids across the top of her head, and she has several loose curls framing her face. She wears a gold headband with a gold pearl tiara.

She wears a white frilly dress with a row of small gold bows going down the center. Split-colored frilly fabric with elbow-length sleeves is worn over it, the right side is cherry-colored, the left black. This is paired with cherry boots that have black bows on them and frilly white socks.


In this form her hair, eyes, and head accessory are coated in glitter. Her makeup is slightly lightened. She wears a split-colored glittery dress, the right side is cherry, the left back, with an off-shoulder strap and a flower of the opposite sides color sewn to it. Pleat, glittery white fabric sticks out of the bottom adorned by cherry and black flowers. She also wears white tights with a pattern of black and cherry hearts going down the side, glittery gold peek-toe heels with a black pom-pom on top, and cherry opera gloves.


  • She is based in the queen of hearts from Alice In Wonderland.