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Many LOL Surprise dolls have sculpted hair and they come in a variety of different head molds. These head molds are repeated throughout different series of dolls with different colors to make each character unique. Knowing the mold of each doll is useful information for customizers as well as collectors who wish to identify an unknown doll.

Below is a list of head molds. They have been named after the first doll to use the mold. NOTE: This article is under construction, and pictures are pending. Thank you for your patience.

Mold Name Character Examples
80s 80s B.B., Jubilee, InstaGold

80s B.B.


Agent Agent Baby, Agent 00L, Chica Chica
As If As If Baby, Boogie Babe, Witchay Babay, Fyre, Prim, Switch B.B., Bunny Hun

As If Baby


Bashful Bashful Q.T., Sweet Sapphire

Bashful Q.T.

Sweet Sapphire

Beatnik Beatnik Babe, Yin B.B., The Great Baby, Tempo Q.T.
Bee Queen Bee, Hoops MVP, Heartbreaker, Flower Child, Emerald Babe

Queen Bee

Bling Bling Queen, Fierce, Figure 8, Star Gazer
Bold Bold B.B., Yacht B.B., Aqua
Bon Bon Bon Bon, Curious Q.T., Dawn, Sailor Q.T., Ice Ice B.B.

Bon Bon

Boss Boss Queen, Touchdown, Foxy
Cheer Cheer Captain, Line Dancer, Cherry, Cadet, Baby Next Door
Claws Claws, Freestyle
Cosmic Cosmic Queen, Fresh, Roller Sk8er, Beats, Jammin'
Court Court Champ, Heartbreaker, Soul Babe, Flower Child, Purple Queen, Snow Jamz
Crystal Crystal Queen, Fancy, Sis Swing, Miss Baby, Sugar Queen, It Baby, Troublemaker, B.B. Bop, Pearl Q.T.

Crystal Queen

Dusk Dusk, Sprints, V.R.Q.T., Pumpkin Spice, Golden B.B.
Earthy Earthy B.B.
Elvis The Queen, Luxe, Dollface, D.J., Funky Q.T., Waves, Bhaddie, Optical, Captain B.B.
Flipside Flipside
Genie Genie, Honey Bun, Caddy Cutie, Bebe Bonita, Cozy Babe, Carats, Taplet, Block Party B.B.
Glamour Glamour Queen, Dreamin' B.B., Holidaze
Glitter Glitter Queen, Diva, Pranksta, Radio Queen
Goo-Goo Goo-Goo Queen, Babydoll
Ice Ice Sk8er, Sleeping B.B.,, In Sync, Marine Q.T.
Independent Independent Queen, Rip Tide, Thrilla, Goodie, Turnstep B.B.
Infinity Infinity Queen
Jitterbug Jitterbug, Angel, Short Stop, Stomps, Lace
Kawaii Kawaii Queen, Tinz, Ice, Opal Q.T., Dreamer, Makeover Babe
Kitty Kitty Queen, Spice, Neon Q.T., Sleigh Babe
Leading Leading Baby
Madame Madame Queen, Go-Go Gurl, Drag Racer, Pop Heart, Violet
Majorette Majorette, Super B.B., Shorty, Fanime, Hops, Brrr B.B., Drip Drop
Pharoah Pharaoh Babe, Shapes, On Pointe
Punk Miss Punk, Grunge Grrrl, N.Y.E.Q.T., M.C. Pose, Stardust Queen
Rawr Rawr Babe
Rocker Rocker, Surfer Babe, Splash Queen, Posh, Black Tie, Cheeky Babe, Snow Leopard, Treasure, Rumba Grrrl
Royal Royal High-Ney, Pink Baby, Can Do Baby, Precious
Shimone Shimone Queen, Gala Q.T., Miss Garnet, Waterfalls, Revue, Strut
Showbaby Showbaby, Vacay Babay, Big City B.B., Countess, Surreal Babe, Jet Set Q.T.
Snow Miss Snow, Festive B.B.
SPF SPF Q.T., Snuggle Babe, P.H.D.B.B., Suite Princess, Prezzie, Dancebot, Miss Partay
Sting Sting Grrrl, Rhythm Empress
Swag M.C. Swag, Merbaby, Coconut Q.T., Kicks, Spike
Teacher Teacher's Pet, Baby Cat, Center Stage, Sugar, Midnight, Snow Angel, Babe In The Woods, Harlequin Girl, Daring Diva
Tinsel Tinsel, Proper, Sprinkles
Tough Tough Q.T., Chick-a-Dee
Unicorn Unicorn, Glamstronaut, Kansas Q.T., Downtown Doll
Unity Unity, Bae Wheels