Goo-Goo Mew-Mew is a rare fuzzy pet from the Glitterati.


Goo-Goo Mew-Mew has white fur and coffee eyes. She has glittering blond hair with silver curlers, a pink nose, hot pink lipstick, a black mole, a glittering black harness around her stomach, and four glittering black tennis shoes.


  • She comes with a silver bottle with glittering black front that saying "Baby Goo Goo".
  • Her pet number is M-037
  • Her sand surprise is 4 black tennis shoes.
  • Her water surprise is color change. She gets a yellow swimsuit that saying "Caution! in black.
  • Goo Goo Queen and Lil Goo Goo Queen are her owners.
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