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Go-Go Gurl
3-018 go go gurl.png
Club Retro

Glitterati (Sparkle)

Character # 3-018

SP-008 (Sparkle)

Series 3


Rarity Popular

Fabulous (Sparkle)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Yellow(hair)


Quote "Peace. Love. Surprises."

"Sparkle and Shout!" (Sparkle)

Reveal Surprise Color change Peeing

Cry (Sparkle)

Go-Go Gurl is a popular L.O.L. Confetti pop doll from Series 3 Wave 1, she is still available in Wave 2.

She’s high-spirited and full of energy.


Go-Go Gurl has light skin and teal eyes. Her blonde flip is curled upwards at the ends with a sky blue headband, and she wears white sunglasses with lenses that are tinted blue. She has pink and blue eyeshadow in a rainbow above each eyes. She also has pale pink blush on her cheeks and freckles above her nose. Her attire consists of a white and yellow checkered dress with a teal zipper and pink flowers decorating it. She wears white go-go boots.


  • She is inspired by go-go dancers
  • She has the same shoes as Funky Q.T. but in white.
  • Her brother is Mod Boi.