2-008 genie
Club Theater
Character # 8
Series 2
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Turquoise (Hair)

Lavender (Eye)

Quote "You wish!"
Reveal Surprise Spits & Color Changes

'Genie' is a Fancy tot from the Theater club in the series. Lil Genie is her sister, and she has a pet.


Genie has light brown skin and big lavender eyes. Her lipstick is pink and she has dull pink blush. Her light turquoise hair is worn up in a bun held by a gold ornament, and she has a loose tuft of bangs with two gold pearl chains wrapped around her head. She wears large gold loop earrings.

Her outfit consists of a violet tank-top with gold detail on top and a gold ribbon on each shoulder, lined by peach ruffled fabric. Her violet bottoms have a gold waistband and a peach peplum split down the middle. Her shoes are gold slip-ons.


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