1-006 fresh
Club Opposites
Character # 6 (S1)

4 (Glitter)

Series 1/Glitter
Rarity Popular (S1)

Fabulous (Glitter)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye White (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Chill Out and Unsubscribe" (S1)

"Too much glitter? I can't even..." (Glitter)

Fresh is a Popular LOL from series 1, part of Opposites club with Fresh. She has a lil sister and a pet.



Fresh has light tan skin and brown eyes. Her pure white hair is pulled up into several vertical curls on top of her head, while several tiny loose curls loosely hang. She wears violet lipstick and faint blush. Her outfit is composed of a black elbow-length top with a white vest, white ripped shorts, a black sweater tied around the waist, and black knee-socks paired with white high tops.


Her hair is coated in glitter. She wears a silver glittering hoodie with a fluffy black collar, black glittering short-shorts trim with ruffles, and a pair of black shoes with white sole and shoelaces.


  • Her name combined with Fancy's is a play on the phrase Funky-Fresh.


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