2-022 fanime
Club Cosplay
Character # 22
Series 2
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye black (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "tee-hee"

Fanimeis a Popular tot from the Cosplay club in series 2. Lil Fanime is her sister, and Fuzzy Fan is her pet.  


Fanime has fair skin and brown eyes with pink lipstick and blush. On each cheek is a red heart to match the large bow on her head. She wears her black hair in low braided pigtails with her bangs brushed to the right. Her outfit is composed of a white long-sleeved school top that has a red and white collar, two red rings beneath each shoulder, and a navy ribbon at the middle. This is paired with a navy pleat skirt, white crimped socs, and red and white sneakers.


  • Her name is based on Fan and Anime (Japanese cartoons).
  • Her costume is a Sailor Fuku, a popular school uniform type in Japan.
    • It is also theorized she had some inspiration from the series Sailor Moon.