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1-005 fancy.png
Club Opposites
Character # 005 (S1)

3 (Glitter)

Series 1/Glitter
Rarity Popular (S1)

Fabulous (Glitter)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Brown (Hair)

Pale Blue (Eye)

Quote "More issues than Chic Magazine." (S1)

"Sassy, Classy, and a lil' Flashy!" (Glitter)

Reveal Surprise S1 Tinkles & Cries GS Spits & Cries

Fancy is a Popular LOL from series 1 and is one of the Opposites club members, her opposite being Fresh. She has a little sister named Lil Fancy, an older sister named Fancy Gurl and a dog named Fancy Haute Dog.

She was re-released under the glitter series. In 2021, and older version/or possible sibling of her leaked named Fancy Gurl in earlier listings this character shared a name with Fancy though it was later changed to Fancy Gurl.


Fancy has fair skin and pale pink lipstick and cheeks. Her eyes are baby blue and she has brunette hair pulled up in a very short ponytail. Her bangs are curled inward and she wears a pale pink headband with a pink pearl tiara. The tiara holds back her luscious brown hair in a bun. Her outfit is a frilly hot pink dress with fuchsia fabric beneath it. Going down the middle is a row of tiny seven white bows. Her pale pink flats have a fuchsia strap.


Her hair is glittery and she gains a large, pale pink bow on a headband. She wears a glittering pale pink blouse with the sleeves lined by frills and a white collar. Her fuchsia skirt has a bow wrapped around it and the bottom is trim with white ruffles. She wears white shoes with a tiny bow on the toe and fuchsia sole. She pairs this with pale pink frilly heels.


  • Her name and pairing with Fresh is a play on the phrase funky-fresh.  
  • Her phrase More Issues than Chic, is a reference to Vogue Magazine.
  • She shares her dress style with Her Majesty, Heartbreaker, Midnight, and Royal High-Ney.
  • She is one of the few re-released dolls not to have an alternate pose.