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Eye Spy Series: Pets is part of the Eye Spy Series of the L.O.L. Surprise! doll line. There were three waves released.


The Glitterati

The Pony (?-073) Sugar Squeak (?-074) Sugar Sneak (?-075) Independent Meow (?-076) Madame Pup (?-077)
QNS-073 the pony.png
QNS-074 sugar squeak.png
QNS-075 sugar sneak.png
QNS-076 independent meow.png
QNS-077 madame pup.png

Opposites Club

Dawn Pooch (?-078) Dusk Raven (?-079)
QNS-078 dawn pooch.png
QNS-079 dusk raven.png

S.T.E.M. Club

V.R.H.O.P. (?-080) Can Do Kitty (?-081)
QNS-080 v r h o p.png
QNS-081 can do kitty.png

Glam Club

Miss Skunk (?-082) Showpony (?-083) Flower Doodle (?-084) Black Stripe (?-085)
QNS-082 miss skunk.png
QNS-083 showpony.png
QNS-084 flower doodle.png
QNS-085 black stripe.png

Chill Out Club

Snow Bunny (?-086) Cozy Kitty (?-087) Brrrd (?-088) Posh Pup (?-089)
QNS-086 snow bunny.png
QNS-087 cozy kitty.png
QNS-088 brrrd.png
QNS-089 posh pup.png

Theater Club

Angel Wings (?-090) Coco Hammy (?-091) Unipony (?-092) Ancient Meow (?-093)
QNS-090 angel wings.png
QNS-091 coco hammy.png
QNS-092 unipony.png
QNS-093 ancient meow.png

Athletic Club

Touchdown Rufferee (?-094) Hop Hop Sprints (?-095) Purrfect Spike (?-096) Short Stop Hop (?-097)
QNS-094 touchdown rufferee.png
QNS-095 hop hop sprints.png
QNS-096 purrfect spike.png
QNS-097 short stop hop.png

Spirit Club

Cheer-Rara (?-098) Teacher's Owl (?-099)
QNS-098 cheer-rara.png
QNS-099 teachers owl.png

Retro Club

Squeak-Nik (?-100) Foxy Flyer (?-101)
QNS-100 squeak nik.png
QNS-101 foxy flyer.png

Nap Club

Kittydoll (?-102) Le Skunk Bébé (?-103) Sleepy Buns (?-104) Sleeping Barky (?-105)
QNS-102 kittydoll.png
QNS-103 le skunk bebe.png
QNS-104 sleepy buns.png
QNS-105 sleeping barky.png

Rock Club

Cheeky Hedgehog (?-106) Funky Kat (?-107) Punk H.O.G. (?-108) Grunge Skunnnk (?-109)
QNS-106 cheeky hedgehog.png
QNS-107 funky kat.png
QNS-108 punk hog.png
QNS-109 grunge skunnnk.png


  • In the Series Eye Spy checklist on the website some pets have different names:
    • Dawn Pooch from the Opposites Club is known as Dawn Doggie.
    • Teacher's Owl from the Opposites Club is known as Teacher's Hoot.
    • Le Skunk Bebé from the Sleepover Club (Nap Club) is known as Snuggle Skunk.
  • The Sleepover Club is known as the Nap Club.


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