LOL Lil Outrageous Littles Wiki

Bling Queen : Bling it on!

Kawaii Queen : I love flowers

Yin BB : We’re Yang QT?

As If Baby : Pretty Good with my style!

The Great Baby ; I am great today, I like my feather on my hair and I love everything purple and gold.

Suite Princess : I like Being Glamorous, So I am the princess of the LOL Surprise!

Big City BB : We dressed in Chill Out

Babe in the woods : I am taking my Dodge Grand Caravan To Take some woods from the Camping

Kansas QT, I live in Kansas this place is beautiful!

Goodie : Inlove glam everywhere!

Tinz : Inlike My Sylvie hair and My majorette Hat.

Soul babe : I like Gold and Blue just like Luxe.

Boogie Babe : I am the best on roller skating!

80’s Baby : I am a Material Girl Madonna

Fierce: I am a savage leopard

Pop heart : I like my hair blue and dark purple, so I like also white and pink.

Shapes: I love everything White blue red and Yellow!

Scribbles : I drawing everywhere!

Countess: Take that Bloddy Corp.

Thrilla : I kidnap some zombies

Bebe Bonita: I remember of coco movie on Graveyard skeletons