2-016 dollface
Club Glam
Character # 16 (S2)

5 (Bling)

Series 2/Bling
Rarity Fancy (S2)

Fabulous (Bling)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Brown (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Fur-Ever Young" (S2)

??? (Bling)

Reveal Surprise  ???? (S2)

Spit, Cry (Bling)

Dollface is a Fancy LOL from Series 2, part of the Glam club. She has a lil sister, and several pets. Including Dollmation, Doll-Hammy, and Doll-Kitten.

She was re-released in the LOL Surprise Bling Series.



Dollface has tan skin and chocolate-colored eyes. Her lipstick is pink and she has a beauty mark on the lower left corner of her lips, and she wears a faint blush. Her hair is mostly white and tied into a small ponytail at the back, with the top portion shaped to the right in a large swirling shape and dyed black. She wears fuchsia sunglasses with black lens, a fuchsia dress lined by dalmatian print fabric to match her shawl, which is held by a black ribbon. Her shoes are a pair of fuchsia ballerina slippers.


In this form her hair and eyes are glittery. She loses her sunglasses. Her attire is composed of a glittering magenta jacket with a fluffy dalmatian collar and sleeve cuff, with the collar cut low enough to reveal white fabric, paired with a glittering magenta pleated skirt, and white glittering platform shoes with ankle straps.


  • Her saying is based on "Forever Young".