1-012 diva
Club Glee
Character # 1-012 (S1)

7 (Glitter)

Series 1/Glitter
Rarity Fancy (S1)

Fabulous (Glitter)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye White Hair

Blue Eyes

Quote "Born This Way!" (S1)

"Born to Sparkle!" (Glitter)

Reveal Surprise Color Change

Diva is a fancy lol doll from the Glee club. Her little sister is Lil Diva and her pet is Diva Stripes.



Diva has pale brown skin and turquoise eyes. She wears electric pink lipstick and has pink blushed cheeks, along with an electric pink star on her left cheek. Her fluffy white hair sticks out to the sides and she wears a large electric pink bow with her straight bangs left loose. Her clothing consists of a white single-sleeve leotard covered in black jaguar spots, an electric pink belt, and electric pink thigh boots.


Diva's hair is silver and coated in glitter, along with her hair bow. She wears a black sleeveless dress with an electric pink band, followed by three tutu skirt layers. The first is white with black jaguar print, followed by two electric pink glittering layers. She wears electric pink boots with black bows and frilly white cuff, paired with black stockings.


  • She is the first LOL with Diva in her name. The second is Daring Diva.


  • Her quote and design appears to be inspired by Lady Gaga. However, she looks more like Nicki Minaj.


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