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Crystal Queen
1-001 crystal-queen.png
Club The Glitterati
Character # 001
Series 1
Rarity Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pale Pink (Hair)

Pale Blue (Eye)

Quote "Diamonds are my BFF"

Crystal Queen is one of the rare LOL from series 1. She is part of the Glitterati club. She has a lil sister, and Crystal Bunny is her pet,She has an older sister Crystal Star


Crystal Queen has fair skin with large, pale blue doe eyes and pale pink blushed cheeks and lips. Her pale pink glittering hair is worn up in a large bun with short, straight cut bangs.

She wears a pale blue pearl crown on a headband, along with a glittering silver dress accent by a pale blue fluffy shawl held by a pale pink ribbon to match her dress designs. Her pale blue ballerina shoes include a tiny bow on each foot.


  • She resembles Miss Baby.
    • They both share the fringe style, but Crystal Queen has a ponytail and Miss Baby has a bun.
    • They both have blue eyes
    • They both wear the same crown.
    • Crystal Queen has the same shoe style with Glitter Series Miss Baby.