Court Champ
2-013 court champ
Club Athletic
Character # 13 (Normal)

6 (GG)

Series 2/Glam Glitter
Rarity Popular (Normal)

Fabulous (GG)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Brown with yellow ombre (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "I got game!" (Normal)

"Game, set, match." (GG)

Court Champ is a Popular tot from the Athletic club in series 2. She has a lil sister.

She later reappears in the Glam Glitter series.



Court Champ has brown skin and eyes with fuchsia lipstick and faint pink blush. Her brown hair is worn in large puffy buns with a gold ombre, and on top of her head are several small woven braids, beneath a chartreuse visor. She wears a white top with a chartreuse collar and two tennic rackets on the chest. Her pleat skirt is fuchsia with two white lines on the bottom and a peach waistband. Her white shoes are accent with chartreuse socks.

Glam Glitter

Her hair remains brown but gains a metallic sheen, and her hair buns are a gradient of glittery gold. She wears a fuchsia headband. Her blush is red. She now wears a white top with pink tennis rackets, a pale green jacket, glittering fuchsia shorts, and pale peach and white high-top sneakers. Her socks have two rings of pale peach around the top.



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