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  1. charme fizz

They featured scented fizzing balls that contain three layer surprises. The spheres have the LOL imprint on them and come in pink, blue, green, or white, each with different scents.

There are currenly 3 series released, including the Fizz Factory, where one can make their own bath fizzes. The LOL Surprise Big Surprise, LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise, and the two Pearl Surprise sets include their own exclusive bath fizzes and.

There is also a Fizz Factory, allowing people to make their own bath fizz surprises to use or give to friends. This set includes exclusive charms only found in it.


  1. Ring tattoo
  2. Charm
  3. Sticker decal for Charm
  4. Charm loop
  5. Checklist


The available charm types include:

  • Perfume Bottle - yellow or blue
  • Round Perfume - blue or yellow
  • Diary - blue or pink
  • Mug - pink or dark pink
  • Cupcake - pale blue or pink
  • Tennis Racket - pink, blue, or metallic
  • Hamburger - Lettuce on red meat, or plain burger
  • Right Pizza Heart - Cheese or Pepperoni
  • Left Pizza Heart - Cheese or Pepperoni
  • Baby Bottle - White or blue
  • Purse - pink or blue
  • Beach Ball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer Ball - blue or pink
  • Yarn Purse - pink or dark pink
  • Cup - white or pink
  • Camera - pink or black
  • Cellphone - Black or gold
  • Crossiant - Plain or chocolate

Fizz Factory

  • Blow Dryer
  • Gold Yarn Purse
  • Perfume

Big Surprise

  • Gold Hair Spray Can

Even Bigger Surprise

Pearl Surprise Sets

Series 3

Ring Tattoos