Boss Queen
3-001 boss queen
Club The Glitterati
Character # 3-001

SP-002 (Sparkle)

Series 3


Rarity Rare

Ultra-Rare (Sparkle)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Glitter brown (hair)

Brown (eyes)

Quote "You betta werk!"

"CGO: Chief Glitter Officer."

Reveal Surprise Ear water

Cry (Sparkle)

Boss Queen is a Rare L.O.L.confetti pop doll from Wave 1, unfortunately she is napping in Wave 2. She has a lil sister named Lil Boss Queen and a pet dog.Her older sister is Da Boss

She was re-released in the L.O.L. Surprise! Sparkle Series.


Boss Queen has medium brow skin, glitter brown hair in a large bun, black round glasses, brown hair, brown eyebrows, and pink lips. She has a gold trench coat with a black belt with a bow. She has black shoes with pink soles.

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