Chrismh Chrismh 7 May

Back Again!

Sorry for my inactivity, anyone who comes by to read this. It's not like I do it intentionally, I just work on so many wikia that sometimes I'm forced to push aside some others, and then I usually forget- like in this case.

Anyway, besides updating the front page, you might also noticed I modified the Navigation area on top of the pages. If i'm missing anything please let me know so that I can add/modify/fix it. In terms of the wiki, I might change the background to sorta reflect the newer series like I usually do, but the one on the website right now is a bit harsh on the eyes, so... maybe not. I'm unsure.

I'll also be adding/modifying pages, etc. Feel free to lend a hand and contact me if you need anything!

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Kawaiicat56 Kawaiicat56 22 December 2019

I did a quiz and look what happened...

  • 5 Result:

snowball fight

Chalet Boy's Hat

Fluffy Doggie Stardust

hot chocolate

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Bon Bon the Silkwing Bon Bon the Silkwing 31 March 2019


Hi everyone!

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Chrismh Chrismh 3 December 2018

Changes to come to this wiki! Big update!

Uh yeah hi... um, not much to say actually. I just wanted to let new and old members of the various changes that will be coming to this wiki. I'm back from my hiatus and I can see that this place was in need of it. I'm talking more pages, information, updated content and graphics, etc. I entirely redid the front page so please be patient as I work on making sub pages for some of the series.

Also as a warning I'm not sure I want to endorse the "hacks" for finding dolls on this wiki. It's not a fanon issues, but I kinda think it's a little dishonest and I'm not sure MGA would approve of that.

Anyway if you have any questions or whatever, feel free to leave a comment!

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SolTheUnicorn SolTheUnicorn 7 May 2018

L.O.L dolls I own!

So, today, I am going to show you which L.O.L dolls I own!

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SolTheUnicorn SolTheUnicorn 4 May 2018


My name is Sol. I am from Argentina and I am the #1 L.O.L fan in the world! Here comes some info about me:

.My favorite L.O.L is Unicorn (You should have noticed XD)

.I am OBSESSED with unicorns (trust me....)

.My favourite color is pastel pink!

.My favourite series is series 3

.I just LOVE when the Confetti Pop dolls POP out!

So, come on and welcome me! I hope we'll be friends in the future :D 

                                                                               Bye bye my unicorns!

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TsumTsumFan Est. 2017 TsumTsumFan Est. 2017 7 April 2018

Rocker is ma fave

Did you know that I LOVE Rocker? Read more in this page to find out why!! Did you know, not very many people love the Rocker? Well I found out on this quiz that I am Rocker.....

You've been rocking since before you were born, and it's totally clear. You love edgy styles and alternative fashion, just like Rocker. You never leave the house without your favorite flannel wrapped around your waist or shoulders and you're always looking for the next exciting adventure in your life. We're sure your closet is filled with studs, rips, and over worn band tees - and we're totally cool with that. With Rocker baby by your side, you're totally about to hit up a slew of awesome concerts and you'll never be bored again. Life life so loud the rest of us need …

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Chrismh Chrismh 25 December 2017

Color Change Details to be Added to the wiki!

I pretty much said everything in the title XD Hi guys and dolls reading this, I just wanted you future editors to keep in mind that we'll be adding Color Change details to the wiki. Initially I wanted to do it on the template but decided against that, so I think what I'll do it make a "heading" piece on the pages of dolls/characters that contain the feature, then we can list what they are.

I also considered making one big list-like page detailing the figures with color change, but for now my main focus is adding content to character/doll pages...

Anyway that's it for now. Any questions feel free to send me a message or leave a comment here. I will be resuming work on pages again shortly.

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Chrismh Chrismh 5 November 2017

Unregistered Members Lock

I noticed that people are either causing problems on this wiki, or they're doing things they shouldn't be essentially. I don't really have any registered members on this wiki either so the blame falls on all of these unknown number code name uers who are too afraid to make a username knowing it's harder for me to track them and identify them...

Basically, if this keeps up I'm going to have no choice but to turn on the Member sign-in feature. Which means if you're a fandom user you will not be granted access or permission to make any edits. It's that or I start locking pages and that isn't fair for people.

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Chrismh Chrismh 8 February 2017

Sorry for Lack of Content!

I'm pretty sure this place doesn't get visitors as of yet- but I wanted to apologize for the neglect brought upon this place. It wasn't my intention when I made it (but then again the same thing happened when I made the twozies wiki), basically when I made this wiki- something else came up that really needed my attention.

Anyway, I do plan to focus and get this wiki running (as I do the Twozies as well), so I hope you guys look forward to it! If you like cute toy series feel free to check out the Affeliates bubble on the main page for more!

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Chrismh Chrismh 11 December 2016

Where to find LOL?

Hi guys and gals, I just thought I'd make this topic. If you live in most US regions, the LOL can be located at Target. Not sure if its exlusive to there- but I did some info digging and found that out.

So yeah, if you're looking for them I'd suggest checking that out.

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