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Bhaddie is an Ultra-Rare big sister and is from the StoryBook Club. She has a sister, Lil Bhaddie, a brother (Bhaddie Bro) a big sister (Bhad Gurl) and pet, Bhaddie Monkey.


Bhaddie is actually bad in a good way, saying that she is cool.


Bhaddie is a pale-complected LOL with olive-green eyes and rooted black hair streaked with lime green. She has lime green eye shadow, black lipstick, and a small beauty mark above her lip.

Her outfit consists of a black t-shirt with gold lettering reading 'BAD', a black choker with golden studs, cropped black shorts with green accents and golden studs, lime-green combat boots, golden hoop earrings and printed black and white striped tights with various rips and tears in them.

Her colour change is one of the most spectacular so far, as the entirety of her exposed skin (including what is showing through the rips in her tights) turns a brilliant emerald green when exposed to ice.


She has a big sister named Bhad Gurl, who is in the LOL OMG REMIX Super Surprise. Bhaddie is also in the LOL OMG REMIX Super Surprise, but with sculpted hair instead of real hair. She also comes with a pair of cymbals.

She's themed to The Wicked Witch of The West.