2-020 beats
Club Hip Hop
Character # 20 (S2)

7 (Bling)

Series 2/Bling
Rarity Fancy (S2)

Fabulous (Bling)

Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Silver (Hair)

Grey (Eye)

Quote "Crazysleepycool" (S2)

?? (Bling)

Reveal Surprise  ??? (S2)

Color Change (Bling)

Beats is a Fancy tot from the Hip Hop club in series 2. She has a lil sister.

She was later released for the LOL Surprise Bling series.



Beats has tan skin and grey eyes. Her lipstick is silver and she has very pale pink blush and a black bar tattoo beneath her left eye. Her eyebrows are black. Her silver hair is worn up in several rolled coils with several loose curls framing her face. She wears fuchsia headphones on her head. Her clothing consists of a silver top with a white bubble jacket, pink shorts with a black string and white line going down the side. This is paired with black and white short boots and white socks with pink rings around the top.


Her hair and eyes are glittering, and her tattoo gains glitter. She wears glittery white headphones. Her lips are the same but she wears red blush. Her attire consists of a glittering dark pink T-shirt with white rings on the sleeves, glittery silver jumper with shorts for bottoms, white stockings with glittery dark pink rings around the top, and a pair of black and white shoes.


  • She's one of the first LOL with metallic lipstick.
    • She was also one of the first with metallic hair that isn't from a mini-series.
  • Her quote "crazysleepycool" is is based on "crazysexycool" album by tlc.
  • She's the only doll in the Bling series to color change.