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Angles art.png
Club Art
Character # OMG-017
Series Lights
Hair Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and White
Eyes Brown
Quote "Art is my PRIMARY. Be there or be SQUARE. Take in everything from a new ANGLE."

Angles is an O.M.G. fashion doll from the Lights series. Her younger siblings are Shapes and Lil Shapes. The family also includes Purrfect Shapes.


Angles has a medium skin tone and hair dyed in colorblock sections of red, fluorescent yellow, light blue, and white, with thin stripes of black. Her bangs are cut in contrasting square shapes. Details on her face include brown eyes, colorblock red, white, yellow and blue lipstick, similarly colorblocked eyeshadow on her left eye, and black eyebrows. Under a blacklight, as the series advertises, two matching colorblock squares of makeup appear on her right cheek.


She wears a white top with black hems and straps. She also wears a colorblock clear plastic jacket with black hems and cuffs, and matching flared trousers with slits that reach the knee. Under a blacklight, as the series advertises, areas of her clothes become adorned with the words "red", "blue", etc. as is appropriate. Her outfit also consists of colorblock boots with stacked-cube shaped heels.


Her accessories include cube-shaped earrings, and red and yellow bangles.


  • The design of Angles' outfit was inspired by Piet Mondrian's famous artwork involving white, red, black and yellow colors.


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